The meeting of leaders from Forum of Associations of BSNL was held with CMD BSNL Shri P K Purwar ji today. The Meeting was co-ordinated by PGM (SR) Smt Anita Johri. Two representatives from each Association ie. SEWA, AIGETOA, SNEA AND AIBSNLEA were Invited. From our side, General Secretary N D RAM alongwith National Vice President-1 Shri R A Meena attended.

Discussion on apprehensions related to Ammendment of MSRR 2023 mainly took place with CMD BSNL. CMD BSNL welcomed all the participants and informed about the views of management with respect to the proposed changes in the MSRR 2023 and his vision to move organization towards a meritocracy. CMD BSNL further told leaders to share the apprehensions on the proposed MSRR draft.

Forum leaders of all Four Associations expressed that none of the Association is against introduction of meritocracy but the change over should be gradual and should not be done in a haste. We are apprehensive that such hasty implementation will result into complete mess where all the future promotions shall be marred with litigations. We firmly shared our views that any changes in MSRR should only be done after executing the promotions of all eligible candidates who have completed their residency period in the grade and also those who are about to complete their residency on 1st January 2023.

It is very clear that proposed MSRR 2023 completely blocks the career progression of already eligible executives who have already served in organisation for so long and now when their promotion is due, we will be making them devoid of promotions by bringing a new MSRR. We informed CMD BSNL that this will not go down well with executives and in view of the DOPT provisions, even this will not stand the test of law. We expressed firmly that first management should promote all the eligible executives across various streams and grades to next grade before moving on to the new regime. We demanded promotions to all eligible executives including AGM Equivalent to DGM Equivalent grade in all streams (Telecom, Finance, Civil, Electrical, TF and Architecture), SDE to AGM Promotions including List 12 and 13 in Telecom Stream, AO to CAO in finance stream, SDE to EE in Civil stream, JTO to SDE SCF/LDCE in Telecom/Finance and all other Stream. We also highlighted that committee should have representatives of all stakeholders including the welfare association and deliberations can be held thereafter once all eligible executives are promoted. Leaders also raised the pending promotions of SDE Reversal candidates, PWD Candidates and further promotions in JTO to SDE cadre. Leaders also highlighted the need for inclusion of management side representative belonging to the reserved category candidate as new MSRR will affect the careers of all executives. Leaders also highlighted that the cutoff date of implementing next MSRR should be 1st April instead of 1st January. Further leaders also told that provision should be there for meritorious candidates but before that eligible executives should be promoted to avoid any legal complications. All Leaders expressed that all existing eligible executives can be accommodated with slight tweaking, adjustment and creating extra posts because of 4G saturation, BBNL Merger and revision in restructuring norms.

CMD BSNL noted all points and told that he is open to all suggestions. He told us that after discussing with his team, he shall be reverting back on what best can be done. Further CMD BSNL assured that Calender of DPCs and LICE/LDCE to be conducted in 2023 will be published in first week of January 2023 itself. The meeting ended on a positive note and we hope that our inputs and demands shall be taken care of before moving on to the next MSRR regime.

All Leaders extended their thanks to CMD BSNL Shri P K Purwar ji and PGM (SR) Smt Anita Johri and hoped that the inputs shall be considered in a positive and time-bound manner.

With Regards
General Secretary