*HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS to All Passed Candidates in the JE Exam held on 18th Dec 2022*

*HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS to All Passed Candidates in the JE Exam held on 18th Dec 2022*
As we informed earlier, fervently awaited JE Exam results have been released/declared today 18-01-2023 by BSNL Corporate Office.
In the notification published, *20* vacancies for *OC,* *3* vacancies for *SC* and *1* vacancy for *ST* was notified. All the notified vacancies are filled up as per their rank and on ‘Own Merit Concept in Promotion for SC/STs.
*Of the 20 ‘OC’ vacancies, 8 candidates from SC communities are declared on merit. Among the 8, one of our loyal functionary, District Organising Secretary of SEWABSNL Coimbatore SSA Shri R Vivekanandan is on the top at S.No.1. Ms R Santhi mentioned in the merit list at S.No.12 is our Single bonafide member in Tiruchi SSA. Ms Juli of Karaikudi SSA listed at S.No.14 is our receptive dual member with respect and good faith on SEWA. Ms Tamilselvi indicated at S.No.11 is also our SEWA dual member in Tirunelveli SSA.*
These 8 members of Scheduled Caste Communities are not just easily considered in the merit list of ‘OC’. This is because of SEWABSNL’s weighty/serious, uncompromised strenuous efforts since 2018 in various courts, constitutional authorities and DoPT. Due to our strong fight for ‘Own Merit Concept’ in ‘OC’ Quota, DoPT has instructed BSNL to consider on own merit concept. Otherwise, would have been filled only with 3.
*Above all else, One of our Industrious, Energetic Youngster, Media Co-ordinator of SEWABSNL Tamil Nadu Circle & District Finance Secretary of SEWABSNL Thanjavur SSA Shri L Kalaiyarasan has successfully come out with 3rd rank in the SC merit list as expected.* One of our ex SEWA functjonary of Salem Shri *T Sanjeevi Kumar* *also declared flourishingly in the SC merit list at S.N.2.*
For the prospects of SC/ST candidates, SEWABSNL Tamil Nadu Circle had specially arranged a 3 day pre exam training in RGM TTC Meenambakkam Chennai and subsequently, after exam conducted, SEWA CHQ strongly represented to the BSNL Corporate management for additional/grace marks to the questions asked from out of syllabus. So,.. For maximum results, both SEWABSNL Tamil Nadu Circle and CHQ has taken strenuous efforts. As a result of this, 12  candidates/members of SC/ST communities are declared successful against  4.
*We Sincerely/Earnestly Congratulate one and all / All the 24 candidates declared as per merit in general, and SC/ST candidates in particular. Further Wishing all the success in future and to go up in official career in BSNL.*