Thank you message by SEWA BSNL GS to all its worriers at OA,BA ,Circle and CHQ

*Dear Brothers and Sisters*
Namo Buddhay
Jai Bheem
Jai Samvidhan.
General Secretary SEWA BSNL Sh N D RAM Congratulate,  Thank and express Gratitude to our National Chief Advisor,  CHQ Advisors,  All the CHQ Office Bearers,  All the Circle Secretaries,  Circle Presidents, other Circle Office Bearers,  District Secretaries,  District Presidents,  Others District Office Bearers , All the Bonafide Members,  Well wishers, Ardent Members,  Ex Office Bearers  and Rtd Members for their Tireless Work, Devotion and Dedication  and to Prove Right the Decision of SEWA BSNL CHQ and thus making SNEA The Majority Association Status with Thumping Majority 52.7% in the 3rd Membership Verification of Executives Associations in the History of BSNL as well as in the History of Telecommunications.          It’s The Power of Bonafide Members of SEWA BSNL .
 SEWA BSNL always stands with those who Protect our Self Respect,  who Safeguard our Constitutional Rights and Respect Indian Constitution .