SEWA BSNL CHQ Meeting with Shri Jagdish Prasad CLO (SCT)

Meeting with Shri Jagdish Prasad CLO (SCT) held today 05-01-2023 at his chamber. We exchanged New Year Greetings. Discussed various issues related to Promotions especially disadvantageous of hurriedly introduced MSRR-2023 which is against SC/STs. Our General Secretary Shri N D RAM briefed him that how it is against the interest of SC/STs and requested him to strongly present the points in favour of SC/STs for amendments in the meeting to be held with Hon’ble Parliamentary Committee on the Welfare of SCs and STs tomorrow 06-01-2023. Hon’ble Parliamentary Committee called BSNL Management tomorrow for discussion about MSRR-2023 and other issues based on the complaint made by SEWABSNL with the Hon’ble Parliamentary Committee.