GS SEWA BSNL CHQ Sent Message to CMD BSNL on contemption clarity on Adhoc DGM to Regular DGM

Respected CMD Sir
Good Morning

I want to meet you Today very urgently for few minutes to tell the fact that how the panel advocate misleading and creating fear of contempt if you do promotion from Adhoc DGM to Regular DGM. His integrity seems to be doubtful as per following fact:-

1. Said court case was basically filed for Adhoc DGM not for the Regular DGM.

2. Whereas Ongoing promotion process is for Regular DGM Promotion so said Court order is Irrelevant at all.

3. In the judgment of 2018 Honorable Court restrained from Adhoc promotion but even after court order BSNL issued Adhoc promotion order in the year 2020 just after VRS but Neither any Contempt petition filed Nor Sought any claim by the any Petitioners for DGM Promotion till date.

4. In the said order it is also mentioned to consider the Petitioner subject to the Eligibility criteria . But its ground fact that they were retired thus their name was not considered in 2020 Adhoc DGM Promotion and This time they are not even in the Zone of Consideration and moreover Retired.

Therfore I earnestly request you sir once again to consider my prayer sympathetically and issue promotion order of DGM Regular in the overall interests of BSNL and Executives please.


Limitations of contempt proceeding is One Year . No contempt petiton will be entertained after One year. But here Almost 3 years have passed from the Contemptuous action ie Adhoc DGM Promotion on 1.2.2020.