SEWA BSNL CHQ President with Shri Jagdish Prasad CLO (SCT) and Smt Anita Johri PGM (SR) visited Kanyakumari on 10-12-2022 for a Conference.

Our National President Shri S Titussam along with Ex TN Circle President Shri T Vijayan Dy LO (SCT) Nagercoil BA, Hony District Advisor Shri Kasi, District President Shri Piramakumar, District Secretary Shri Pechinathan and District Finance Secretary Shri Madhan Tilak met and honoured them on behalf of SEWA.

Our National President Shri S Titussam briefed all the existing issues. Madam Anita Johri and CLO Jagdish Prasad patiently heared and has assured their fullest co-operation. PGM (SR) appreciated our General Secretary Shri N D RAM and other Team members of SEWA CHQ for their active role in SCST issues.