Highlights of the Wage Negotiating Committee meeting held today the 28.11.2022.

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The meeting of the Wage Negotiating Committee is held today. BSNLEU’s representatives, Com.Animesh Mitra, President, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, Com.John Verghese, Dy.GS, Com.Suresh Kumar and Com. Manu Mehra, attended this meeting. The details of the discussion are as follows:- Pay scales.BSNLEU expressed it’s dissatisfaction over the pay scales proposed by the Management Side in the earlier meeting. After detailed discussions, the following pay scales are offered by the Management Side (copy enclosed). BSNLEU has stated that, these pay scales will be studied and response will be given. Fitment.BSNLEU strongly demanded that, Pay Revision should be done with 5% fitment. The following agreement is reached regarding fitment.Fitment will be minimum 5% or at par with the fitment to be given to the Executives, whichever is higher. Revision of Allowances.BSNLEU strongly demanded that Wage Revision should be done only together with Revision of Allowances. It is agreed by the Management Side and discussion on Revision on Allowances will be held in the next meeting. Next meeting of the Wage Negotiating Committee will be held on 02.12.2022.