Meeting of SEWA BSNL CHQ with Dir HR ,BSNL,Hyderabad

It is intimated to all the myself alongwith NVP-I Sh R A Meena, AGS(E) Sh P S Das, AGS (C) Sh Satyaveer Singh and AFS(C) Sh S C Meena met PGM Pers, Sr GM SR, CLO & GM Restructuring last week on various issues specifically Backlog Vacancies & Roster Register & CTD issues but we didn’t get satisfactory reply . Then I requested Dir HR to allot time to discuss on that issues.

Then a meeting of SEWA CHQ held Yesterday with Dir HR Sh A D Vadnerkar . Myself alongwith NVP-I Sh R A Meena, AFS Sh S C Meena and CS BSNL CO Sh Mukesh attended the meeting.
We discussed various issues related to SC/ST prevailing now like Restructuring & Backlog, Proposed Executive RR & Personal Upgradation, Recent JTO To SDE Promotion, Representation of SC/ST, Objection on not mentioning categories in the Promotion list, Objection on Absence of Roster Register in BSNL CO, Cancellation of Transfer order of Newly Promoted SDEs of ST Category posted inter circle, Long pending Transfer case of AOs of CN Tx- North, Relieving of AGM from Bihar, Overlooking of BSNL CO letter by Circle Administration of CTD in the case of CS SEWA Smt Anupama Datta, Review of Circle Strength of AO in CTD,
Biased attitude of DGM HR MH Circle & Transfer case of SDE , LICE conduction and some other import issues.
Dir HR given sufficient time and listen very patiently. During the meeting PGM Pers Sr GM SR & CLO joined the meeting.
At last Dir HR taken our issues seriously and responded positively to consider our concern.