Long awaited JTO to SDE Promotion orders for 3697 under 67% SCF quota have been issued on 08-07-2021 covering upto 2008 partially.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Namo Buddhay,
Jai Bhim🙏

Long awaited JTO to SDE Promotion orders for 3697 under 67% SCF quota have been issued today covering upto 2008 partially.

First of all, on behalf of SEWABSNL and on my behalf heartily and delightfully Congratulate all the JTOs of our society, very particularly, huge members of our SEWA those who got SDE Promotion today including our CHQ Finance Secretary Shri S Titussam.

Further we would like to assure those brothers and sisters who couldn’t get promotion, we will surely take care and will put all efforts to ensure their legitimate promotion subsequently.

At the initial stage before issuance of this orders, the mindset of BSNL Management was to issue promotion order without implementing Reservation roster due to the pending court cases against Reservation roster and SLP before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on the matter of SC/ST Reservation in promotions and DoPT guidelines on the subject matter. But, to break the deadlock, we met CMD, Director (HR), PGM (Pers), Sr GM (SR) and CLO (SCT) again and again on 5th, 6th and 7th and compelled them by our consistent efforts and strong pressure, to implement Reservation roster of SC/STs to issue orders subject to conditions.

However, own merit concept has not been implemented.
We also want to assure our members that SEWA will continue its fight for the implementation of own merit concept also either through constitutional bodies or by the law in force.

Even today 8/7 after noon, we met CLO SCT to collect the break up details of SC and STs in JTO to SDE Promotion. But today we couldn’t collect the break up list. We will try again tomorrow and will inform to all.

General Secretary