Annual General Body meeting/2nd Dist. Conference of SEWA BSNL ITPC Hyd conducted on 22-01-2021

Jai Bheem to All

On 22-01-2021 Annual General Body meeting/2nd Dist. Conference of SEWA BSNL ITPC Hyd District was conducted successfully in a grand manner.

Today’s function Chief Guest Smt.Thota Anila Kiran Garu PGM,ITPC and Sh.Soni Abraham Garu GM,SDC Guest of Honours Bro.Sh.S. Rajaram garu, Circle Secretary, Bro.Sh.SomaShekaraBabu garu, Circle President SEWA BSNL Telangana Circle & Sh.N. Anjaneyulu Garu, District Secretary, and Sh.Devadas Garu DGM(FP) SEWA BSNL HTD leaders have attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by S.Satyanaraya AGM , District Vice President, SEWA BSNL ITPC.

The Chief Guest Smt.Anila Kiran PGM Madam explained in detail how the people are decimated by the Caste in the society. Each individual should be strong in the Subject knowledge as well as aware of Society burning issues.

District Secretary Sh. B.Shankar has given the District report in detail and raised the SEWA Members burning issues to Circle and SEWA CHQ.

Guest of Honour Dynamic and Daring Bro.Sh.S.Rajaram garu, Circle Secretary Explained in detail about the raised issues in the meeting.

During the meeting our beloved SEWA BSNL GS Sh.N D Ram is conveyed wishes to newly elected Body and Discussed some issues with PGM Madam. I extend my earnest Jai Bheems to our beloved GS Sh.ND Ram sir.

The Newly Elected Body of ITPC ,Hyd is:

Dist.President : Sh.N.Umamaheshwara Rao SDE

Dist.Secretary : Sh.B.Shankar AGM

Dist.Finance Secretary : Sh.R.Hanumanth Naik,SDE.

I whole heartedly thank Smt.Anila Kiran PGM Madam for giving valuable speech and time, I thank Sh,Soni Abraham Sir Also I thank our CS Sri Rajaram garu for gracing the meeting and guiding us in conducting the meeting . I also thank Sh,Somashekarababu Garu ,Sh.Anjaneyulu garu DS, HTD and Sh.Devadas Garu for attending the meeting and supporting us. Last but not least all the brothers and Sisters of ITPC SEWA and the team of SEWA Executive Body of ITPC SEWA for arranging excellent arrangements especially DFS Bro Hanmathu Naik,Bro Umamaheshwar ,Bro Swamy ,Bro.Googloth Srinivas and Bro.Yadagiri
I extend my sincere thanks to the SDC Management for their support given to the SEWA BSNL conducting this conference in a smooth manner.

I also thank you admin section of SDC for allotting TRC room.
I also thank you Sh. Ch.Swamy JTO for is excellent Vote of thanks.

ITPC Hyderabad