SEWA BSNL meeting with PGM Pers on 14-10-2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Namo Buddhay
Jai Bheem

A meeting with SEWA has been called by PGM Pers Sh R K Goyal on 14.10.2020 to discuss on the Chandigarh CAT Order dated 25.02 2020 on SC/ST Reservation in Promotion issues of SDE to DE & AO to CAO and other SCF Promotion issues of various Cader including JTO to SDE.
Myself alongwith AGS (C) Sh R A Meena and EM Sh Mukesh attended the meeting.
All the points related to Roster and Reservation in various Cader discussed elaborately. PGM Pers assured and reiterated to follow the directions of DOPT & Honorable Supreme Court of India strictly.
He also assured and stated that he will explore all the ways and means which will pave the way to issue Promotion order at the earliest.
He also assured that required data of JTOs recruited in subsequent years after 2008 will also be called for the Promotion of SDE.
The issue of SDE (C) to EE(C) Promotion is exclusively discussed to issue order immediately as there is no any legal hurdle in it.
PGM Pers told that he may call again if required to discuss on these issues.
We discussed to consider the Backlog Vacancies at the time of Promotion.