6th All India Conference of SEWA BSNL Concluded triumphantly. Wholehearted Thanks to all Participants for elected us again unanimously

Dear Brothers and Sisters, *
Namo Buddhay
Jai Bhim
The 6th AIC of SEWABSNL held blissfully on 7th & 8th October 2021 at CTO Auditorium Eastern Court Janpath New Delhi completed successfully with overwhelming pleasure in the tedious lengthy history of SEWA. This is first time a grand proud Open Session conducted and an unanimous CHQ Governing body elected with applause and acclamation.
In the ebullient inaugural open session, Dr (Prof) Kirit P Solanki, Hon’ble Chairman Parliamentary Committee on the Welfare of SCs and STs, Shri P K Purwar, CMD BSNL, Manyavar Ajit Gautam, a close old associate of Babasaheb and Manyavar Kanshiram, Shri D R Shekhar, Secretary, Parliamentary Committee on the Welfare of SCs and STs, Shri K D Lakhmani  CGM CN-Tx (North) Delhi, Shri C Singh GS NFTE, Shri Wasi Ahamed GS AIGETOA and Shri A K Sinha DGM (SR) BSNL Corporate Office were attended. The spirited and heart-stirring speech of Dr(Prof) Kirit P Solanki Hon’ble Chairman Parliamentary Committee on the Welfare of SCs and STs and clarity speech of Shri P K Purwar CMD BSNL inspired all. Our CMD in his speech mentioned that the frozen DA arrears for non executive employees will be released very soon.
At the outset, floral tribute was made to the portraits of Babasaheb and Lord Buddha by Hon’ble Chairman Parliamentary Committee,  CMD BSNL and Leaders of all layers of SEWA. Over 600 leaders, delegates and observers of SEWA were enthusiastically participated in the Conference  from all the corner of the country amid covid crisis. All the functional Circles were participated in a keenly expectant manner.
Post lunch General body session was presided over by Shri V K Paswan National President. An elaborate activities report was presented by General Secretary. 3 years audited financial report submitted by Shri S Titussam National Finance Secretary. 3 years Income and Expenditure statements also served to all by him. The General body house unanimously passed the financial report submitted by Shri S Titussam National Finance Secretary. All members applauded by clapping the the hands in order to show approval.
*Due to the superannuation, we could not accommodate Shri V K Paswan and Shri R Maheswara Rao again in CHQ body. Hence, to honour their services rendered to the SEWA, they were appointed as Hony CHQ Advisers by the house*.
*For conducting of SEWA CHQ election on 08-10-2021, Shri A K Sinha DGM(SR) BSNL Corporate Office was appointed by BSNL Corporate Office as Returning officer, Shri Praveen Kumar Jha AGM(Rectt) BSNL Corporate Office was appointed as Asst Returning Officer and Shri Padam Singh AGM(ILD) BSNL Corporate Office was appointed as Observer. They conducted the election process systematically in a free and fair manner in the presence of Shri Ranvir Singh Chauhan DGM(SCT) BSNL Corporate Office. There was no contest. *Shri S Titussam SDE Nagercoil TN,  N D RAM DE CN-Tx(North) Delhi and Shri S Panneer Selvam AO Salem TN declared elected unanimously as NP, GS and NFS respectively. Whole house applauded by clapping the hands.*
*My Honest Thanks to all Bonafide members, District Office Bearers, Circle Office Bearers, CHQ Office Bearers, Hony CHQ Advisers, Well-wishers and other members for having faith on me and elected me fourth time as GS.*
*My Sincere Special Thank to Our National Chief Advisor Shri P N Perumal, Our Delhi Circle Secretary/National Asst Finance Shri Satyaveer Singh, Delhi Circle President/CHQ Executive Member Suresh Chand Meena for worked tirelessly for the past 15 days for  grand and successful conducting of the 6th AIC*.
General Secretary