Congratulations to newly elected SEWA District Ujjain body

Congratulations to newly elected SEWA District Ujjain body…… 💐💐👏👏🙏🙏

Congratulations to Smt. Aaradhna Chouhan ji for becoming District President & Shri Nilesh Panwar Ji for becoming District Secretary for 2nd consecutive term… And for leading the SEWA UJJAIN TEAM… 👏👏

SEWA UJJAIN TEAM ELECTED unanimously and presence of our beloved & Honorable SEWA GS Shri N. D. Ram ji on this 3rd District Ujjain Conference cum Open Session on SHANKALP DIWAS (ā¤¸ā¤‚ā¤•ā¤˛āĨā¤Ē ā¤Ļā¤ŋā¤ĩā¤¸) is memorable and his presence keep fregnant the entire hall for full day…..

The presence of all, irrespective of union / associations show the unity and brotherhoodness of entire ujjain team under the leadership of PGM Sh. M S Rawat ji BA head and Sh. J. K. Verma ji OA Head Ujjain. The respect and honor among all union and association shows the popularity and acceptance of our dynamic GS Sh. N. D. Ram ji…..