The Programme of Submitting Memorandum to the CMD BSNL, All the CGMs, All the Heads of BAs and SSAs on 30-06-2021 demanding Immediate Payment of May and June-2021 Salary

All Circle secretaries &
District Secretaries, of

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is the memorandum to be submitted tomorrow, to the circle, BA and SSA Heads.

Memorandum may be either joint or separate ( depends upon AUAB of Concerned Circle ). But it is preferable submitting a Single memorandum with all the signatures of constituents of AUAB.

The name of the respective circle, BA and SSA Heads has to be filled up.

Only the secretaries at the respective level have to participate in this programme considering ongoing frightful covid-19 situation.

Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries of SEWABSNL are requested to remain in the Chamber of CGM/PGM/GM/DGM along with the representatives of AUAB for One hour and strongly insist on the payment of May and June-2021 salary immediately and also regularisation of payment of the salary on the last date of every month hereafter.